Sourcing Methodology

We are always conscious that we are dealing with some of the best talent available in the industry and with some of the best organizations in the world. Both, therefore, get the respect they deserve. The end result is an efficient, professionally managed relationship that meets the highest ethical standards.


By performing a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your organization, we assemble a platform to build a portfolio that not only identifies key issues, but also paints a clear picture of your expectations and desires in a new hire.

  • Company Information — History, Vision, Mission, Goals
  • Management Style
  • Culture
  • Products and Services
  • Internal Organizational Structure

This information enables us to help us attract and select qualified candidates who are a good fit for your company.

Search Brief

We develop a thorough job description based on the information gathered from our initial analysis of your needs. Our search efforts are designed to target ideal candidates and attract the best candidates in the industry.

Candidate Profile

Before we begin our search for a candidate, we identify the critical skills, experience, educational requirements, and overall characteristics needed for the position. We also examine how the candidate will fit into the existing organization and define any key performance challenges.

Sourcing Strategy

In utilizing the information acquired in the assessment process, we develop a customized sourcing strategy to ensure identification of qualified candidates. We use a combination of our industry knowledge and extensive network of contacts, and exhaustive research to identify candidates who fit your specifications.

Candidate Pre-qualification

All candidates undergo a thorough and comprehensive screening process before they are presented to a client. Candidates are evaluated for their skills, professional experience, personality characteristics, work ethic, and communication skills.

We understand that although a candidate may have all the necessary professional skills for a position, they still need to be a good fit for the organization’s unique culture and management style.

Interview Process

Only candidates who have successfully undergone the entire pre-qualification process will be presented to our client. Potential candidates are presented in a comprehensive, summarized report format that will allow the client to quickly and efficiently review all pertinent information prior to scheduling a first interview. We help to coordinate the interview process.

Offer Negotiation

We manage expectations and communicate with both our clients and candidates. We act as trusted advisors during the offer negotiation process.

We review the compensation package being proposed for the position and offer the client information on how it compares to similar positions currently in the industry.


We follow-up with the client and assist the candidate to make the transition process smoother into the new position and stay in touch with the client and the candidate.

At Credo, the recruiting process is never a transaction — it doesn't end after a hire. We believe that people are and will continue to be our greatest assets.